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Jimi Jones: My Journey to Recovery

I realised that choosing the best treatment centre for addiction in Thailand was not that easy. I started looking online knowing that the internet is a great resource but it can be misleading.

Every business wants to present themselves is the best possible light – which I completely understand – but when you are talking about something as serious as helping people deal with addiction, there is no room for dishonest marketing as far as I am concerned.

What Is Thai Rehab Helper?

Thai Rehab Helper is a free service that gives you the information and support so you can make an informed decision and get on the right path to recovery.

When we talk to people who are trying to find treatment in Thailand for drug and alcohol addictions they are confused. There is so much information out there that choosing the best rehab for YOU as an individual can be difficult.

Our helpful and friendly team are ready to find the solution that is right for you – not a solution that someone else thinks you should be doing!

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Treatment that is licensed by the Ministry of Public Health

Contact Jimi and the team

Contact our team and get more information about Thai rehab centres. We can help you or a loved one take the first steps to a new life.