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The most common questions people ask Thai Rehab Helper are:


  1. What is the best alcohol rehab centre in Thailand?
  2. Which alcohol rehab clinic is the cheapest?
  3. What treatment techniques are used?


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The Best Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

If you want to go to a treatment centre for alcohol addiction in Thailand then think about what it is you want to get out of rehab. We all have unique needs that should be addressed during rehabilitation and recovery from alcoholism.

The best alcohol rehab for one person might not be the best for another. It all depends on your current situation. Every Thai rehab clinic that treats alcoholics will tell you that they are your best option – and will give you plenty of reasons why.

Addiction treatment programmes in Thailand use different techniques to treatment addicts. Some might focus on outdoor activities and exercise – others will promote mindfulness meditation and yoga. Think about what you enjoy doing and try to find a rehab that YOU think will work for you as an individual.

The Cheapest Alcohol Treatment Centre

We all want to get a good deal on anything they buy! It make sense but this is probably the number 1 concern we have at Thai Rehab Helper. There is a reason why the prices between different rehab centres varies so much.

Sure, there are the luxury rehabs in Thailand that have all the bells and whistles of a 5 star resort – and you do pay for this. But consider the others aspects of treatment. Are the staff at the cheapest rehabs really qualified? Do they have the credentials?

The old saying of ‘You Get What You Pay For‘ is as true as it always has been.

A reputable Thai rehab clinic will be staffed by qualified professionals and should be licensed by The Ministry of Public Health. They will provide medical supervision (this is really important for a detox and withdrawal from alcohol) and treatment programmes that deliver the best outcomes.

Think about it. Is it better to spend $12,000 for 1 month at a rehab centre that delivers long-term sobriety or pay $4,000 for a rehab centre that fails to deliver.

Treatment Techniques Used at Thai Rehab Clinics

Most Thai rehabs have holistic treatment programmes. I know from experience that many of you out there don’t like the 12 steps approach to recovery. I think the religious side of the 12 steps puts people off.

At Thai rehab centres you can expect a combination of holistic treatments, cognitive behavioural therapies and 12 step meetings in the community.

Yoga and meditation are common and places like Chiang Mai are well known for this. Muay Thai boxing and triathlon have also grown in popularity recently. There really is a rehab out there for everyone!

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What to expect from alcohol treatment programmes in Thailand

A good alcohol rehab centre in Thailand will be able to give you effective treatment as part of a comprehensive recovery plan.

You can expect holistic therapies to be used with counselling, CBT and 12 Step group therapies.

The cost of alcohol detox is usually included in the price but you will need to pay for any medications that are prescribed by a qualified doctor or physician. 


Do binge drinkers need residential rehab and detox?

Binge drinking can lead to severe cases alcohol dependence and alcoholism. Just because someone doesn’t start their day drinking alcohol, it doesn’t mean an alcohol-use-disorder or alcohol addiction doesn’t exist.

Binge drinking treatments can be effective at halting the severe effects that can be caused by drinking too much alcohol. Inpatient rehab might not be required but it will be needed before entering into most sober living facilities.

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