Thailand Detox and Substance Abuse Withdrawal

A detoxification and withdrawal from drugs and alcohol in Thailand should be supported by medical professionals. Residential drug and alcohol treatment centres in Thailand usually provide a detox service. You should really understand what this means and the type of detox you (or someone you love) needs for a safe withdrawal in early stage treatment for addiction.

Thai Rehab Helper can give you the best advice so you can be sure that your chosen detox clinic for addiction is right for your treatment needs.  You can contact us any time you have a question or need helping finding a detox programme in Thailand.

What do you need to think about when looking to detox at a Thai treatment clinic?


Choosing an Addiction Detox Service in Thailand

Most addiction treatment centres in Thailand offer detoxification services for early stage withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. The type and duration of a detox really depends on the substance that you are removing from your body.

There can be confusion about what is meant by the term ‘detox’. Health tourists often travel to Thailand and visit one of the many detox retreats where you can clear your body of toxins. This can be in the form of detox holiday packages, liver cleanses and general well-being holiday packages.

A detox from addiction IS NOT THE SAME!

Withdrawing from substances like alcohol and heroin can be very serious. Detox for addictions should be supervised by medical professionals with experience and pharmacological support if needed.

medical equipment and meds for detox in thailand
A patient should be monitored by professional medical staff

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

Alcohol is a depressant and excessive use of alcohol requires detoxification.

Years of abusing alcohol mean your body eventually stops producing certain chemicals and needs time to adjust once you quit drinking. It can take some time for the body to adjust and withdrawal symptoms can include:


  • fever
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • irregular heartbeat
  • hallucinations


Some people experience mild withdrawal symptoms while others feel intense pain and discomfort.

The effects of alcohol detoxification can change quickly so you might feel good before suddenly feeling unwell. This is why medical professionals should be involved during the detox process to help manage your pain and safely overcome the detox stage of recovery.

Illicit and Prescription Drug Detox

A drug detox involves managing the initial cravings and anxiety caused when ceasing use of a substance.

Withdrawal symptoms can be mental or physical – with varying degrees of severity. It really depends on the drug and the individual concerned.

Drugs like cocaine and marijuana cause mostly psychological effects while certain substances like benzodiazepines can cause physical symptoms like seizures or even death in extreme cases. Opioids (especially heroin) are considered to be the most uncomfortable to detox from.

A drug detox may include medications to ease symptoms and mimic the effects of drugs and ease withdrawal symptoms. Medication might also be used to assist specific co-occurring disorders.

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