Sober Houses and Sober Living in Thailand

Sober living is a good option if you have finished primary treatment (inpatient rehab) and want to continue to secondary care at a sober house or sober living facility in Thailand.

A sober house might be connected to a residential rehab clinic or may operate as an independent sober living facility.


The Cost of Sober Houses in Thailand

Secondary stage treatment for addiction is less intensive than primary stage drug and alcohol rehab – so it costs less!

The whole point of sober living is to become more independent and introduce yourself back into normal life by using the skills you learnt during the primary stage of treatment.

You won’t get as much counselling or therapy. You will have support and guidance to help you transition back to a meaningful life free from addiction.


Sober Living Programmes Can Last Several Months

There is no exact timeframe but most of us in recovery will benefit from an extended sober living programme.

We all have our own way of dealing with addictive behaviours. Some of us will transition more quickly – others will need more time and extended support.

Sober housing is not compulsory so you can technically leave anytime.

In most cases you will really feel the benefit of being in a sober living programme so won’t find yourself trying to make excuses to leave as often happens in the early inpatient treatment.

I’ve even tried to escape from rehab to get my fix in the first few days. It got much easier after a few days!

By the time your in the 2nd or 3rd month you really should see the benefit of a long-term sober living programme.

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