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We’ve helped 100’s of people find treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience with Thai Rehab Helper and their time at drug and alcohol treatment centres in Thailand.

“So grateful I found Thai Rehab Helper.”

“I made some bad life choices and realised I needed to sort myself out before it was too late.

My children must have thought I was a loser that would spend my whole life drinking alcohol. I had been in and out of AA meetings for a few years but it wasn’t helping.

I’m delighted to be clean and sober for nearly 1 year and really appreciate the support and what Thailand gave to me.

Written by – Laura B. (United Kingdom) – Completed 2 months at inpatient drug rehab in Thailand.

“Helped me learn vital skills in a supportive environment.”

“I’m so grateful to the team at Thai Rehab Helper. They were happy to answer my questions and help me choose a Thai rehab clinic that I was comfortable with.

There was no pressure to do anything and it really changed my life.

I would recommend rehab in Thailand. It really is a special place filled with wonderful people with a big smile!”

Written by – Carol C. (United Kingdom) – Enjoyed 3 months at a rehab facility in Chiang Mai.

“I wouldn’t be alive now if I hadn’t gone into treatment.”

“My life was pathetic and I just couldn’t get a day clean. I tried so many times and almost gave up hope.

Aged 54 I thought I would spend the rest of my life using heroin and smoking crack. I was alone with no family or friends, no job, no hope, and poor health. I was sure that I would die.

Thankfully I realised that I needed to start a new life and have the tools to help me for when I left treatment, and that’s what a rehab in Thailand gave me.

My life is now amazing. I know in my heart that coming to Thailand for drug treatment was the best thing I ever did.”

Written by – Bill F. (Australia) – Free from heroin and crack for 18 months at time of review.

thailand rehab review from recovered addict

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